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My career has spanned non-profits, banking, short-line railroads, tech and manufacturing. I have driven a locomotive, evaluated artificial intelligence applications and taught myself social media. The world is changing and the days of one career are long gone. Some common things cross industries and some things are industry-specific.

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Like the old saying,” all people put their pants on one leg at a time,” all businesses have certain common problems whether it is creating the right product, scaling the business, servicing the customer, creating a culture, managing people or putting good practices in place. These basics cross all lines and require certain modifications in the specifics to tailor marketing, understanding the customer and customer service to the company and industry.

There is no industry immune to the changes brought by changing demographics, social media, micro targeting or global competition. Adapting and responding to changes, flexibility in approaching change and anticipating the possible outcomes are key to succeeding in a world of rapid communication.


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