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Improve Business Performance

Do you want to be a better leader?
Improve business performance?
Enjoy your leadership role?

    Let me offer you the chance to

  • Benefit from my experience to determine business resources you need
  • Develop business, marketing and sales strategy with good critical thinking,
  • Plan to improve marketing and brand positioning.
  • Think through staffing requirements.
  • Create targeted metrics to meet goals
  • Know variable and fixed costs to price appropriately

I am a former banker, corporate treasurer, CEO and consultant with strong marketing, finance and planning experience.  I have walked that walk and seen it from both inside and out. Learn from my mistakes. Let me help you with thinking through your plan, setting your goals, planning your next steps, and determining how to get where you want to go and executing on your plan.

Taking a holistic approach to improve business performance includes defining what you want to accomplish, evaluating what you have done and where you want to build on your accomplishments. It also means thinking through how the world in which you operate is evolving and changing so that you can anticipate what is coming and be ready to meet it.