Accomplishing goals through planning, collaboration, and challenge

Fly High
Fly High

I learned from my mistakes and you can learn from them too, as well as from my many successes. As part of our working together, we can

  • strengthen your business plan with good critical thinking,
  • align your marketing, positioning and sales management to support the plan,
  • examine your profitability and how to improve it,
  • create great metrics to measure your success, and
  • leverage my network to find the business resources you need.

Accomplishing goals is integral to your success.  I want to help you do that collaboratively and respectfully.

Samples of Kate’s Projects

Here are some samples of projects that have consumed me. Do any resonate with you? Would changing one help with accomplishing goals for you?

Our profits stank and we were chronically late with delivery.

Set it and Forget it- the annual forecast

I have to keep letting people go.


Trade shows are becoming passé in B2B but still expensive and necessary

My biggest mistake was hiring a gregarious sales person.

You are lonely. Others have people to talk to but you are the boss.  Who do you talk to?

Apologize – Sometimes things don’t go right.

Someone always comes along and creates a problem

Sell more to your existing customers or appeal to new ones.

Employees are not mindreaders and have their own ideas.


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