As a Mentor

“As I launched my toy company, Wonder Crew, Kate was instrumental in helping me establish strategic relationships, which ultimately led to great success. Kate brings years of business leadership and experience to the table and is highly skilled at trouble-shooting barriers to growth. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Kate, she is candid, communicative, strategic and incredibly insightful — I am grateful for all that she has done for Wonder Crew.” Laurel Wider, founder

“Kate Putnam is my go-to resource for any business challenge, from an aspect of HR or finance to the bigger picture consulting of our three-year business plan. Her ability to probe kindly, calmly yet sharply helps our management team work through problems and opportunities; her insights are spot on and always appreciated.

Kate also is a natural marketer, with a deep understanding of branding and how to engage and resonate with target audiences on the web and in person. A consummate communicator, she is passionate about contributing to her clients’ ongoing success. ” Susan O’Neil, CEO, @Website Publicity

I’m the CoFounder and CEO of Tursus – a B2B SaaS tech startup that’s successful launched point of sale apps that have generated and grown recurring revenue. Kate stepped in early in the life of the company and was able to draw from her own CEO experience and keep the company focused through some challenging pivots.

Her vast board experience (with both public and private companies), as well as large nonprofits coupled with her experience as a CEO gives her the experience and judgement that would be an asset to any company that is lucky enough to have her involved.

This has been the case with Tursus Software which I founded – Kate has successfully helped us overcome tremendous challenges, raise angel investment, and launch and grow our recurring revenue.

She always communicates very clearly and to the point – she’s able to see through the core issues of complex problems and help resolve them in a very positive and constructive way. She’s a valuable resource for any CEO needing to formulate and achieve goals. Daniel Nelson, CEO, Tursus Inc.

As Fellow Leader and Board Member

“I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with Kate for more than 3 years. Her insights are spot-on, and she is exceptionally generous with her talent, networks and experience. She combines smart strategy with pragmatic insights, and the deep-seated understanding of what it takes to get the job done. I’d have her on my team any day.”  Amy Bermar, President, Corporate Ink

“I had the pleasure of serving with Kate on the Board of Trustees of Baystate Health. Kate had served on the Board for several years before I joined and she proved to be an invaluable resource in providing background and insightful perspective on many of the issues we faced. I was constantly impressed with the degree of dedication and enthusiasm Kate brought to her role as a Trustee and to each of the committees on which she served. She had a deep and lasting impact on Baystate’s quality mission, something that I think would have been impossible had she not taken the time to dig deeply into what is an extremely complex domain. The intelligence and dedication she brought to bear on her various roles at Baystate would add tremendous value to any organization.” John Kole, General Partner, Long River Ventures

“Kate and I worked together as part of an advisory board to the ownership and management team of a privately held New England equipment manufacturer. I was quite impressed with Kate’s grasp of complicated business issues and her ability to offer creative and thoughtful advise to the management about significant strategic issues impacting the business. Kate’s years of experience in business and management were quite evident in her ability to push the management team to “think outside the box” in addressing some of the issues they were facing. I would highly recommend Kate as a strong asset to any business looking for a fresh yet analytical view of their business environment.” Ed Homonoff, Owner, Edward C. Homonoff & Asc., LLC and Textiles Consultant

For more information on Kate, See her LinkedIn profile here.

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